Simulation of future market trends for a chemicals company

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Innovation management/ strategic purchasing
Services provided by Z_punkt

Process development and facilitation in close collaboration with the client’s experts, development of environmental scenarios, disruption analysis, staged development of a quantitative model, execution of sensitivity analyses, transfer workshop with the operating units

A chemicals company’s Innovation Management and Strategic Purchasing departments have tasked Z_punkt with modelling the availabilities and market prices of selected strategic resources up to 2030. The project findings are needed as the basis for procurement strategy and as input for decisions on the construction of new chemicals facilities. Z_punkt is developing a customised process in close collaboration with the client’s experts. Components include environmental scenarios and an analysis of possible disruptions along the entire process and value added chain. The core elements of the project are the development of a quantitative model using the methods of system dynamics and the execution of sensitivity analyses on the supply and demand-side. Transfer workshops are being held with operating units to transfer the results into the company.