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On the site of a former cable factory in Cologne-Mülheim future is being created today. This is where Z_punkt has its headquarters. We have been helping companies shape the future with foresight since 1997.



As a team of experts in trend and future research, we have been developing client-specific foresight projects for multinational companies, innovative SMEs and public sector clients for almost twenty years. In our projects, we transform the future into something that our clients can understand, experience and, ultimately, shape.



This is how we see our role:


We are your foresight partner. Your concerns are our concerns.


We are a one-stop provider of solutions, offering both ideas about the future and innovative methodologies.


We focus on opportunities – your opportunities. How will you shape the future?


We are opinionated. You benefit from an independent point of view.


We care about sustainability. Just like you do.


The future needs a creative mindset. We are not traditional consulting types but foresight experts with an interdisciplinary background and many years’ project experience.

Andreas Neef

Managing Partner
Our working relationship with our clients is very intense. It has to be. Our projects depend on great ideas – in most cases, ideas that neither we, nor our clients, would have come up with working alone.

Holger Glockner

Managing Partner
There is an “ah-hah” moment in every project – a moment in which an understanding of where we are going is reached on the basis of our working together, a moment in which the future direction becomes tangible.


We work for many leading companies across a broad range of industries. We have built up close links with many clients over a sustained period of collaboration.



Being a solutions-orientated service provider, we work with other specialists and bring together internal and external expertise to achieve the best project outcome.

  • Visualising the Future


    The future needs to be communicated. The 3deluxe agency is our preferred partner for using the medium of film to present future scenarios. Together with the Hamburg team led by Sascha Koeth, we bring our clients’ visions to life for their internal and external stakeholders.


  • Strategy Implementation

    Dr. Wieselhuber & Partner

    In collaboration with the strategic consultants Dr. Wieselhuber & Partner, we offer family-owned business a comprehensive package of solutions, ranging from the analysis of trends and the future to the development and implementation of strategy.

    Dr. Wieselhuber & Partner

  • International Trend-Scouting


    We have been working with SeeMore and Oliver Leisse for clients from different industries for many years. We rely on SeeMore’s network of over 50 trend-scouts in cities around the world to carry out our joint projects.


  • Open Foresight


    foresightlab was created by the Z_punkt founder Klaus Burmeister in 2014 as a learning environment and laboratory to explore and test ideas, concepts and solutions designed to shape the future with foresight. We are developing and promoting many of the future projects jointly, such as the Deutschland 2030 initiative.


  • Foresight and Strategy Tools

    Parmenides Foundation

    As a consulting partner of the Parmenides Foundation in Germany, Z_punkt uses the unique scenario-based strategy tools of the Parmenides EIDOS Management Suite to portray complexity management and for the tool-based moderation of strategic dialogues.

    Parmenides Foundation

  • Product Design

    Poetic Design

    Poetic Studio has over twenty years’ experience in designing for companies such as BMW, Lufthansa and Siemens, and supports us with visualisations, storytelling and the physical design phase of our innovation projects.

    Poetic Design

  • Big Data and Visual Analytics


    Peter Walde’s mapegy is a Berlin-based big data and visual analytics company. With its software tools, mapegy provides insights from global innovation and technology data for our innovation projects. 


  • Technology Analysis

    Fraunhofer INT

    The Fraunhofer Institute for Technological Trend Analysis specialises in technological analysis and technology foresight. As project partners, Z_punkt and INT make use of content-related and methodological synergies for foresight projects with a heavy technological bias.

    Fraunhofer INT

  • Qualitative Social Research


    The qualitative social research and semiological analysis provided by Michael Schipperges’ company sociodimensions perfectly complement the foresight approach taken by Z_punkt. So far, we have worked together on sustainability issues in particular. 

    sociodimensions | Semiolytik

  • Global Foresight Studies

    Millennium Project

    As a member of the German node of the Millennium Project – the world’s largest scenario network – we are in close contact with future-oriented institutions in over 50 countries, whose support enables us to carry out global foresight studies at short notice.

    Millennium Project