AI and sustainability: a new strategic area of activity

In the global debate about the risks to society posed by and the economic potential of artificial intelligence, two complementary lines of argument stand out in striving for specific approaches to a “sustainable” use of AI. Both topics are of relevance to all companies wishing to develop a long-term AI strategy. However, they are usually not differentiated sufficiently in practice. An attempt at clarification by Andreas Neef, Managing Partner of Z_punkt.
Trend Report

3D-printing – a disruptive innovation for the logistics industry

Applications for additive manufacturing technologies are being discovered in more and more sectors – in medicine, in the automotive industry, in mining. A new trend report by Deutsche Post DHL examines what 3D-printing will imply for the future of supply chains. The report was produced in collaboration with Z_punkt.

Foresight with an impact

How do Foresight projects create impact? A new article ponders this question, using the project „Future of Work: Jobs and Skills in 2030“, that Z_punkt conducted in 2015 for the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, as an example.
Technology policy

Z_punkt supports Irish department of innovation

The Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation (DJEI) of the Irish government has initiated a „Technology Futures Exercise“ to find out which technologies will be critical for Ireland until 2035. The aim is to identify priority areas for R&D funding.
Market modeling

Understanding the future of the Smart Home market

The smart home model developed by Z_punkt enables a deeper understanding of this attractive, yet complex market of the future.
Z_punkt live

Forthcoming Events

Between April and June, you can meet several Z_punkt speakers at various different events, giving lectures about disruptions, the future of mobility, and big data.

The future of supply chain management

The business environment for companies in the engineering and manufacturing sector is changing: Product lifecycles are becoming shorter, demand is growing in new markets, customers are increasingly asking for tailored solutions and new technologies are becoming more and more important for the success of a company. Production and supply chain concepts need to adapt to these developments. A new report produced by DHL and Z_punkt analyses the most important trends and their impact on the E&M sector.

Scenarios for a resource-friendly society

What will save our planet? Voluntary simplicity or obligatory moderation? Together with its project partners, Z_punkt is currently developing a set of positive and attractive scenarios for a resource-conserving lifestyle. The preliminary results were recently presented at two high-calibre international sustainability events.

Mind the Cross Innovation Gap

Cross-industry innovation is a vital issue for the future – yet very few companies still apply it in a systematic fashion, according to the results of an expert survey by Z_punkt involving sixty innovation managers at some of the world’s most important blue-chips and medium-sized enterprises in Germany.
New Study

Corporate Security 2030

What developments are in store for key security issues in the future as a result of megatrends? A study by Z_punkt and the EBS Business School sheds some light on the situation.

World Conference of Futures Research

Why do we need quality criteria in future research? And what do we learn from the bleak scenarios offered by science fiction? Two lectures by Karlheinz Steinmüller at the International Future Conference in Turku provided suggestions.
Key Trends

Future of Work

Robot instead of Robert? At the “Strategic Moves Lab” Eckhard Störmer from Z_punkt spoke about the key trends for the future of work. Academics also have to worry about their job – at least in one of the scenarios, that Störmer presented.


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