Drone-Based Logistics for Remote Regions

The future of logistics without the use of drones is inconceivable. Whilst the obstacles to their deployment in urban areas are currently insurmountable and possibly will be for the foreseeable future, drones are virtually predestined for deliveries to remote regions.

Car-Sharing 2.0: blockchain and autonomous driving

New technologies such as autonomous driving and blockchain could completely reshape the platform monopolists’ market for mobility on demand. On-demand offers such as car-sharing, taxis, shuttle busses or ride-hailing à la Uber and Lyft already promise their users the greatest possible flexibility.

Peer-to-peer logistics is gaining momentum

More and more solutions are being launched under the buzzword “collaborative economy” with the help of digital and mobile technologies, which incorporate private, unutilised resources in the economic cycle. Peer-to-peer logistics have also been talked of in this respect for some time.

Flexible Delivery gains momentum in logistics

Online shopping makes shopping more relaxed – it can be done from the com-fort of your sofa and without the stress of going into town. It only becomes more complicated when the goods are delivered and this is often the case. If you are not at home, will your “favourite neighbour” accept the delivery? Or will you have to make your way to the local branch of the delivery service?

Exoskeletons support logistics workers of the future

Logistics workers of the future will have superpowers. In years to come, augmented reality glasses and exoskeletons are likely to be just as much part of an employee’s equipment as his or her uniform. Augmented reality and exoskeleton modules allow heavier loads to be transported more quickly and precisely.


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