Digital Cryptocurrency in Barcelona

Barcelona is planning the introduction of a digital payment system or “cryptocurrency”. The new municipal government hopes it will both boost the local economy and increase social equity.

Investing with Controlled Emotions

False hunches can cost stockbrokers a fortune, even when they are convinced that their decision had been carefully considered. Brian Uzzi, Professor at the Kellogg School of Management at the Northwestern University in Evanston in the USA, wants to change all that. Uzzi has developed a system that keeps dealers updated about their current emotional state based on a real-time analysis of their emails and instant messages. It then lets them know the most propitious time to make economic decisions. 

Transactions in real time with Instant Payment

What has been largely standard on capital and equity markets is now to be possible for credit transfers by private individuals as well: transactions in real time.
IT and finance

Ethereum fulfils the promise of Bitcoin

Ethereum, a crypto-currency developed by 21-year old Vitalik Buterin and approved for software applications since March, could fulfil the promises of Bitcoin and exploit the full potential of the blockchain. The value of an ether has risen from one dollar to 13 dollars since January and with its 6,630 nodes-strong network, Ethereum overtook the Bitcoin network of 5,604 nodes already in May.

Telefonica enters the retail banking market

number26, transferwise, iZettle – a large number of fintech firms have been giving traditional retail banks cause to sweat for some time. So far, none of the new providers has landed a blow comparable to that of PayPal. However, this could change soon as a result of the attempt by Telefónica.


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