The Blockchain: Infrastructure for China’s Energy Transition

Together with a Chinese partner, IBM is currently introducing a blockchain-based emission trading scheme in China. In the longer term, it could well form the basis of the digital infrastructure for China’s energy transition.

Water from nothing for the world’s poorest

In 2008, Goldman Sachs prophesised that water would become the new crude oil. Given the trend in the oil price, a new form of oil would also be urgently needed. The irony of fate for the investment bank: even before water can be turned into oil and consequently bring substantial riches, renewable energies could convert this anticipated source of largesse into a dried-out puddle.

Samsung’s “battery-gate” and the circular economy

“Attention, attention, important information concerning your flight: please note that owners of a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 are banned from bringing the device on board.” You may have heard this warning or something similar in recent months and shaken your head. However, it is worth looking behind the scenes at the damage done to Samsung’s image.

Is limestone the energy storage option of the future?

Powerful, cheap energy stores are vital for the energy shift to succeed. Now, a new energy storage option seems to be emerging in the form of slaked lime that displays many promising properties.


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